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After collapsing in my NJ home one night at the age of six, due to heart failure, doctors were convinced that I would not live to see my seventh birthday. Three decades later, I have defied all the odds that were placed against me. I will be turning thirty-seven this summer. Upon discovery that I was in complete heart failure (age 6), I was rushed to the NIH research hospital in Maryland. At this time, I had an emergency dual chamber pacemaker implanted. Since then I have survived two heart transplants, a kidney transplant, gall bladder removal, lung collapse, pain medication drug overdose, and a tracheotomy. Unfortunately my transplanted kidney failed two years ago placing me back on dialysis three times per week. At the age of twenty-seven, I was diagnosed with a rare muscular disease known as Myofibrillar Myopathy. This disease progressively attacks the various muscle groups of a person’s body over time. In my case, it was discovered that this disease was also responsible for initially attacking my heart muscle at age 6. In the last two years, I have lost usage of about eighty percent of my bodily function to my illness. I am currently wheelchair bound, sleep with a ventilator every single night, and require the assistance of a full time (24/7) personal aide who resides with me. My life is full of challenges, it’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve had my share of dark moments. However, I refuse to allow this to keep me from enjoying life and living everyday to the fullest. I have gained a great deal of perspective and learned many valuable lessons over the course of my life. My goal is to be able to give back and share my story in a way that can help others who may be facing difficult circumstances and encourage them to keep fighting. I also believe it is important to raise awareness for rare diseases as well as the importance of organ donation. I have chronicled my life in a book, “1 Man, 3 Hearts, 9 Lives,” available for purchase on Amazon. I truly appreciate all your support, thank you! 💙

You Are Not Alone!

It’s hard for most of us to wake up in 2020 and not have something to worry about. The current world we live in is a chaotic and unpredictable one; dominated by social media, forced opinions, incessant filtering, an abundance … Continue reading

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10 Years Sober! 💙

“I wish I loved myself enough, not to slowly poison and kill myself through addiction!” Every year as my birthday approaches, I can’t help but reminisce about the events of July 12, 2010. As vividly discussed in my memoir, 1 … Continue reading

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F.L.Y: First Love Yourself!

Do you love yourself? And by that, I mean do you really, truly, and unconditionally love yourself…every inch, every flaw, and every single last trait that makes you, you? Are you able to walk into a room with your head … Continue reading

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I have come so close to death that it has taken me quite some time to finally shake the eerie feeling of her cold bony grip, tightly wrapped around my soul. As you know by now, I have been through … Continue reading

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Outliving My Fears!

I have officially reached the point of quarantine in which there is no denying how much the whole thing is affecting me. I can no longer go on pretending that I have it all together, because quite frankly, I don’t. … Continue reading

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Fleeting Moments!

I can’t help but think back on how nervous I was on the day that I spoke to the group of seventh and eighth grade boys at Lewis F. Cole Middle School. My stomach was in knots as the boys … Continue reading

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Finally Owning My Blackness (Part 2)

I was about twelve years-old when I first started chemically relaxing (aka damaging) my hair. Before that, a small fortune was spent on every type of gel, spray, and hair product imaginable in an attempt to tame my afro—everyday plastering … Continue reading

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Finally Owning My BLACKNESS (Part 1)

Juno, Ludwig, Mayfair, Lo-Fi…I just could’nt seem to make up my mind. I swiped back and forth repeatedly through the various filters trying to decide which would be best for the unveiling of my memoir, “1 Man, 3 Hearts, 9 … Continue reading

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Heart(s) of a Lion! 💙💙💙

“Ughhhh!” I grunted with frustration as my fork slipped out of my hand for the third time falling to the floor. However, not before also spilling half of my dinner into my lap. Thankfully, I was at home and not … Continue reading

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“A Breath of Fresh Air” (Part 2)

I was consumed by panic, my heart pulsing in my throat, but I needed to regain control and focus! I had to find a way to let someone know that my suction machine was still turned off. My eyes darted … Continue reading

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